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Lawrenceville Performing Arts Center

Lawrenceville Performing Arts Center (LPAC) is located in the heart of downtown Lawrenceville, GA.  The new 55,000 SF facility will connect to the existing Aurora Theatre and contain a 500 seat state of the art main theatre, cabaret, and indoor/outdoor civic space.

Due to the location of this project and the heavy public vehicular/foot traffic, multiple pre-construction meetings took place with the City of Lawrenceville to ensure construction would go as smooth as possible.  This required multiple lane/street closures, traffic control measures and work over night.  

  • Over 400 LF of 12" water main was installed in Clayton Street and required crossing two main intersections.

  • The sewer service for the new facility required crossing three lanes of East Crogan Street.

  • Over 10,000 CY of dirt was hauled off to make room for the new theatre. 

  • The finish floor of the facility was made up of five different elevations, which required precise planning for foundation wall cut/backfill due to the limited work space.

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